Gay Olympia: Capital City

Olympia is known as one of the hippest, most progressive and most gay-friendly towns on the West Coast. Located at the south end of the Olympic Peninsula, Olympia is funky, bohemian and hip.

The indie music scene in Olympia is very queer-friendly and shouldn't be missed. Olympia also has nourished a lot of "do-it-yourself" culture. Websites like showcase some of the unique arts and crafts that have come out of the Capital City.

The gay scene in Olympia is a little different from the gay mainstream. You'll find people use the word "queer" more than gay or homo. The scene is also very welcoming to trans folk. Most of the queer community tends to be on the young side, often fed by Evergreen State College, the hippie-friendly college campus on the Westside. Though there's only one bar that flies the rainbow flag, most any place in town will be accepting of all types.

Restaurants to check out